Automotive Supply Co.

About Us

The beginning starts in March 1928 when Mr. Harlow Wickert, Mr. Harry C. Dietz and Mr. Paul Peters founded Automotive Supply Company. The original store was started in a vacated hardware store at 128 N. Appleton Street in Appleton. The 23’ x 70’ building was set up as an independent parts distribution center which sold items such as Model T Radiators from McCord Gasket Co., McQuay Norris Engine Parts, Acme Lacquer Paints and 24 count wooden crates of Model T pistons from Spencer Smith Company. Delivery runs were quickly added using a 1928 Ford pickup truck. During the ensuing years, the company moved from its original site to Harris Street to 300 N. Appleton Street and finally in September of 1968 to the present building which was constructed and occupied at 123 S. Linwood Avenue in Appleton.

Though not all endeavors of the old company were successful (Standard Auto Parts, ARC Master Welding and others all operated as separately held companies for short periods) the growth of the auto parts business necessitated the opening of additional outlets. The first branch store for Automotive Supply opened in Oshkosh in 1931. Soon to follow were operations in Waupaca, Neenah and the others, until numerous branches were operating by the early 1950's.

Automotive Products Company was founded in 1935 by Mr. William F. Sorensen at 631 First Street, Menominee, Michigan (present site of Bay Precision Company). From that building an independent auto parts distribution center sold products, United Motors Engine Parts and Firestone Tires. As the business progressed, delivery service was added with the use of a 1939 Terraplaine. In 1956, the business relocated to its present site on First Street in Menominee, Michigan.

By June 1986, expansion again took place through the acquisition of the assets of Automotive Products Company. At the time, Automotive Supply and Automotive Products became a single team under the heading of Mr. Automotive of America.

Today we use the name "AUTOMOTIVE SUPPLY COMPANY" throughout our system and identify with Federated Auto Parts, a nation wide buying group. Federated gives us a national advertising plan, recognition and a national buying group from competitive purchasing power. Automotive Supply Company is a name our local customers have identified with for many years.

Our Commitment

Automotive Supply Company is a dedicated supplier of national brands plus Federated and other "value priced" parts. Our national brands are the most popular lines in today’s marketplace. The "valued priced" lines are researched for quality and competitive value.

Our availability commitment is for full coverage on brand lines. Our "valued priced" parts are available for most price sensitive applications.

What is co-labeled product?

You will see that many of our national suppliers provide a small "Federated" logo on the packaging. This logo signifies that these suppliers have been recognized as approved vendors by Federated. These are not private label parts. The manufactures provide the label to assist in the promotion of "Federated" as the source for national brand parts.

What is private label and/or Federated packaged parts?

These are parts that have been selected by Federated Auto Parts stores for value pricing. Each product is researched to obtain the best quality and value for our marketplace. Many of these Federated packaged or private label "non-branded" lines are supplied to us by the same vendors as our national brand. As with other generic or non-branded products, the marketing costs (advertising, promotions, etc) are removed to provide "value pricing".

Choice is the message!

The consumer has been conditioned to be given choices in all their purchases. Thus, Federated Auto Parts stores (Automotive Supply Company) and over 2600 other Federated affiliated stores nationwide provide a program of choice for customers.

National and Federated products - "Your Choice!"